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GRAVICON offers its customers time-proven solutions based on equipment for gravity separation of various minerals by using hydraulic jigging method with a fully closed water-slime circuit.

Most often and successfully this method is used for preparation of the following natural mineral raw materials and technogenic deposits:

- coals;

- coal terricones;

- coarse slurry;

- manganese ores;

- dumps of ferromanganese and ferrochrome production;

- chrome ores;

- iron ores;

- tantalum-niobium ores;

- cassiterite;

- vermiculite;

- barite ores;

- ilmenite placers;

- lead-zinc ores;

- garnet sands;

- gold;

- diamonds;

- etc.

In 2017 the Company upgraded GRAVICOM series Jigging Machines (JM) and started up an existing production plant on the basis of JM with Elevator-Free Discharge (EFD), designed for washing common coking coal.

Initially, the version of Jigging Machine with EFD was planned for use with sizes 0…40 mm.

However, the industrial operation has shown that our elevator-free modules confidently coped with sizes up to 100 mm as well. This is without additional carry-over of process water from the Jigging Machine. As shown by practice, further increase in performance and output of circulating water pumps is not required.

The solution advantages include:

- reliability;

- low operating costs;

- downtime reduction: absence of downtime for the replacement of bucket belts, guides etc.;

- higher degree of heavy fractions dehydration.

GRAVICON designs and supplies the following preparation equipment:

 - modular preparation plants with capacity of 20, 50, 100, 200 and 400 t/h;

- Jigging Machines (water-pulsating) with capacity from 5 up to 350 t/h;

- Jigging Machines with movable sieve with capacity from 2 up to 100 t/h;

- Jigging Machines for preparation of slurry sized + 0.2 mm with capacity up to 70 t/h;

- flotation machines for coal flotation;

- pneumatic separators for coal separation with capacity up to 50 t/h;

- sticky separators for diamond treatment;

- flotation machines for slurry coal preparation.